Media Pipe is a cross-platform (Android, ios,web) framework used to build Machine Learning pipelines for audio, video, time-series data etc. MediaPipe is used by many internal Google products and teams including: Nest, Gmail, Lens, Maps, Android Auto, Photos, Google Home, and YouTube.

From Wired to Wireless, Keyboards to Touch Screen, offline to online we came a long way. The way we communicate with computer devices has drastically changed with Face Recognition, Speech Recognition, Touch Screens and many more. All this is just because of the rapid developments in Technology. …

Cricket is one of the most prominent sports in India. Especially The Twenty20 format is one of the famous exciting shorter formats because the result has maximum uncertainty. Cricket is a sports game that played globally across 106-member states of the International Cricket Council (ICC), which has nearly 1.5 billion worldwide fans according to ICC. It’s difficult to predict the match result because one over or one wicket or one boundary or one no-ball can change the momentum of the match.

Indian Premier League is one of most popular T20 cricket league in the world. In India IPL, is one…

Have you ever thought that biology has a connection to popular and trending terms in the present era?The current terms which are trending now have come into existence way back. Likewise, Deep Learning as well. Human Nervous System consists of cells which are referred has neurons. Neurons have mainly 3 parts, cell body, axon, and dendrites. These parts play a crucial role in transmitting communications. The connection between Axon & Dendrites refers to Synapses. Let’s keep aside the Biological Neural Network and concentrate on Artificial Neural Networks.

The following figure is how Human Brain Neurons look like:

Santiago Ramon y Cajal Neural Theory

What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning refers…

Clustering Algorithms are Unsupervised Learning Algorithms. As the name suggests that it forms clusters in the data. It uses the old concept of Geometry for classifying the data i.e., the concept of equidistant in geometry where the distance between that point and each object in the set are equal.

In Clustering, we will classify the data into particular segments. It transforms ‘n’ number of data points into ‘k’ number of clusters(Concept of Signal Processing). In Clustering, we cannot come to a conclusion of what we are looking for in the data. …

This Kind of Problem arises most often when we need to Predict Outcome of Classification Problem like Male or Female, Employed or not, yes or no, etc. The following Data consists of 20,000 instances of letter images both +/- with 16 features. All the features of 20,000 instances are Numerical except the Target Variable(Letter). Some of the Features are like x-bar,y-bar, width, height, etc. So, these features refer to how a particular symbol is written and we need to predict whether a symbol is a +/-.

Data Set

So, there are 20,000 rows and 17 columns present in the Dataset.

Features Information:-

From my previous post, I scraped the Amazon Customer Reviews. Now, let’s do some analysis of the Review Data.

Getting Insights from this Customer Reviews is crucial for any Business and from these insights they can plan their business operations accordingly.

Removing Stopwords:-

First import the CSV Format of scraped reviews. After Importing we need to Clean these reviews and remove unwanted Punctuations, Spaces, Numbers, etc so that it makes our job easy.

Stopwords Removes unnecessary words like I, me, you, our, etc for better Performance


There are many algorithms in machine learning in which we now see about what is random Forrest, Decision Trees.

What is Decision Trees?

Decision Tree is a Supervised Learning Technique used to solve Classification & Regression problems. It takes the Data and by the decision rules provides the output. Here is a simple decision tree with a specific output. If a person's age is less than 30 and if he eats a lot of Pizzas then he’s unfit. We can decide how much deep the tree can be. …

Kernel Trick is used to classify non-linear to linear using some Mathematical Concepts provided by Mercer’s theorem.

What is SVM?

SVM is a supervised learning algorithm that is used to solve classification and regression problems using a technique called Kernel Trick which can transform the data and finds the optimal boundary between possible outputs.

What is Kernel Trick?

Kernel Trick is widely used in Support Vector Machines (SVM) model to bridge linearity and non-linearity. It converts non-linear lower dimension space to a higher dimension space thereby we can get a linear classification. …

Extracting reviews from Amazon Website

Web Scraping Approach

All the Data which we see in our daily life is in the format of Numbers which are framed well in rows and columns. So, data in the form of Numbers are the ready-to-use format. But, let's suppose when we use an E-Commerce site, any Social Media Site like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram we cannot analyze the Customer Reviews because all these reviews will be in text format.

Python provides a great tool for us to scrape the data from a website. Python uses requests library for retrieving content from a webpage. Also, we use Beautiful soup for extracting information. …

Traffic Jams on roads in real-life are Headache for commuters but for websites, higher traffic refers to a higher probability of success. Having a track of any website provides the overall visitors visiting our website. Based on that, we can get an image of our website whether it’s growing, stagnating or declining. Based on the Traffic Metrics, websites can promote the products. Marketers can use these metrics to track the performance of their Online Marketing Activities.

So, there are many ways in which the traffic flows on to the website like applications, search engines(Google, Safari, etc), Social Networks, links, word…

Siddhartha Sharma

Machine Learning Engineer Intern

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